Hello and Welcome, My name is Kamil Jan.

Since I remember, I had the spontaneous calling to search for a deeper meaning in life. After 11 years I gathered vast perspectives about different practices and techniques from different parts of the world. I was able to systematize and simplify the intangible beauty of spiritual development.

As a result of the active search, MySpiritWay Practical Spirituality arose.

Find out more about how it all started...

I am planning to continue my investigations so I can keep sharing effective methods that can bring difference into life of many!

My ultimate goal is to HELP YOU, to become more self-conscious therefore a more satisfied being, and let you save your time by offering a direct and practical approach.

I want to gather individuals that can support one another and inspire others to join the spiritual path towards self-realization and complete life satisfaction.

I encourage you to reach out to me and ask any questions you wish! I personally try to respond to every email 🤗

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THANK YOU for your support - Let's make the World Beautiful Place Together!

Sending Love,

Kamil Jan 🙏

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