Even if I prepared this course with a big caution and responsibility, you should note that you must use common sense for each exercise for everything to be safe and to not cause any distress to you. After guiding many people I noticed that some of them have a tendency to overdo things, especially in the first months of this course. Everything has to be practiced with respect to our bodies. I need to attach a standard health disclaimer used when signing yoga classes, gym membership so it's just a standard procedure that will guarantee safety for both provider and user sides. Instructions, guidelines, exercises, and all containing manuals of this course are presented to you solely for informative purposes. So, everything you do, follow, or perform taken from this course, or a part of it is done only at your own responsibility. Any action you take upon the information on this course is strictly at your own risk. Creators, authors, and all the individuals and parties that participated in the creation of this course are not in any way responsible or held liable for any damage, harm, and/or other distress that might arise from using materials given in this course such as video/audio materials, instructions, guidelines, exercises and advice that might be caused by the information provided in this course and its use in any form. Also, the creator, author, all the individuals and parties that took part in creating this course are not responsible for your use of the information provided or linked from its contents, and of those from linked web pages and websites. Everything described in this course is provided only for informative purposes. This course contains information from external websites list of which is provided with HTML addresses linked. Any Information provided in this course can be ascertained in those links and other available materials so authors, creators, all individuals, and parties are not responsible for the accuracy of the provided information on external links. The author, creator, and all the individuals and parties of this course do not guarantee any future results. Everything given as instruction, guidelines, video/audio material in this course does not guarantee any future results. And are not be blamed if you expect certain results but do not receive, thus can not be liable or responsible for the result or no result as well. By conducting this course and proceeding with instructions, video/audio materials. perform exercises from this course and follow the advice you agree to terms of use and hereby you have read and agreed with the given disclaimer. Every action you take upon this course you do at your own risk.

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